Rock climbing - Education groups

Rise up to the challenge and learn the ropes - and some new skills on your way to reaching the top

The emphasis will be to get climbing quickly and safely. As time progresses, we will cover attaching yourself to the rope, and belaying your team mates safely and confidently. Rock Climbing is one of our most popular activities, promoting care for others, personal challenge and risk awareness. If you choose a full day, we recommend you try some Abseiling as well. If the Lake District's weather descends then we head to one of Keswick's climbing walls for some indoor climbing, where you may not get the view but there are plenty of climbs to keep you occupied!

  • half or full day options

  • available all year

  • up to 10 participants plus 1 adult per group

  • suitable for Key Stage 2 and above (age 7 years and above)

  • all equipment included

  • additional cost if climbing wall used

  • minimum group charge applies