Canoe raft - Education groups

Work together to build and propel a rafted canoe on the lake and see how far you can get!

Work together to build a canoe raft guided by our Outdoor Leaders - use canoes, ropes, spars and each other to create a 'catamaran' Have fun, play games and take part in challenges, enjoy and explore the magnificent watery world of the lake, perhaps have a dip? One of our most popular activities, Canoe Rafting increases confidence on the water especially for beginners and promotes those teamwork skills of organisation, communication and co-operation. If you choose a full day how about taking those rafts apart and trying Open Canoeing, or some Kayaking or Sailing as well? For EYFS and KS1 look at our Treasure Island activity for Canoe Rafting with a difference!

  • half or full day options

  • available all year

  • up to 12 participants plus 1 adult per group

  • suitable for Key Stage 2 and above (age 7 years and above)