World War II - Education groups

See through the eyes of an evacuee

75 years ago, Hawse End Centre was home to evacuees from Liverpool. Meet us at the old Keswick Railway station (remember your gas mask and name label!) and be looked after by our lieutenants and land girls.

Take part in an air raid and find shelters, carry out a search and rescue, object handle real memorabilia, and experience war time music and food.  Sweet rations are available!

I just want to say it was the best school trip I've ever been on. I hope the next group like it as well. P.S. Tell Pikey I'll never forget that day !!!
On the first night when the air raid siren went off it felt quite real and very exciting. I really thought it was great.
At times you really convinced me that we were in World War II
  • Residential and non-residential options

  • available all year

  • up to 12 participants plus 1 adult per group (negotiable)

  • offsite and onsite activity